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What We Provide

S&L highly focus on service in order to provide a comprehensive solution to customers including before-sales service and after-sales service. We have advanced test center to help customer make final decision after different testing in our laboratory. 24/7 after-sales service is available to all our clients. All our after-sales service representatives are well trained with strict system to ensure top quality service, especially for international clients. We always care about your mixer running and after-sales service is always at your side to ensure everything runs perfectly with guaranteed quality and performance.



Enabling us to give you a perfect solution, please kindly offer us following items. We contact you within 24hours.

- Products to be mixed
- Bulk density after mixing(kg/L)
- Particle Size(mesh)
- Liquid Additive (yes/no)
- Batch Capacity (kg)
- Starting after loading (yes/no)
- Voltage, Frequency, Phase
- Vessel pressure (if applicable)
- Jacket pressure (if applicable)
- Other Requirements


Spare Parts

Only use original spare parts can ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of the equipment. S&L has every wearing spare part in our warehouse in order to save customers’ down time cost. We are ready for every customer if something wearing part broken and we can deliver to them in time.Enabling us to give you timely support, please kindly offer us following items. We contact you within 24hours.

- Equipment Model
- Series No.
- Spare Parts Requested


Technical Support

Good quality is not only machine itself. We aim to provide lifelong technial support to our every client as needed.Enabling us to give you timely support. Please kindly offer us following items. We contact you within 24hours.

- Equipment Type
- Equipment Model
- Series No.
- Technical Support Requested



With the best equipped laboratory and comprehensive machines in the specialty mixing process, we are now conducting more tests in the Test & Development Center than before.These process-line simulations are invaluable, because they enable you to identify the best possible mixing equipment before making a purchase. It also allows us to help you perfect your mixing technique to guarantee that our equipment will deliver the best possible results in your plant.Make an appointment now and you will get:

- No capital expenditure involved
- New product mixing trials and analysis possiblity
- Minimize business decision risk
- Expertise given to testing trials and subsequent production decisions