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1st Dose Vaccination of COVID-19

Vaccination is one of the most effective measures to prevent the COVID-19 infection and protect the health of our people. Companies are responsible for every staff to obtain the knowledge about COVID-19 vaccine, vaccination process and precautions. To a certain extent, it's also our duty to reduce psychological panic and enhance the willingness to vaccinate. Recently S&L Group has started the COVID-19 vaccination work in batches under the arrangement of Shanghai government and based on the principle of "step-by-step implementation and orderly progress". 


The process is simple and fast. Everyone can make appointment registration according to the company as a unit. Then take the buses arranged by the government uniformly to vaccination point, show the appointment code on the spot and complete the vaccination.



At the site of vaccination, volunteers cooperate with staff to provide guidance and services in the temperature measurement area, waiting area, registration area, vaccination area, observation area, and emergency response area, so that the vaccination work can be carried out efficiently.



We will also continue to wait for the second dose of vaccination, which usually is arranged between 21 days and 56 days after the first dose.


It is our responsibility and duty to take COVID-19 vaccine. Because of the strong protection of our country, all industries here in China are able to recover and operate in such an orderly manner, and so is the machinery fabricating industry. This year S&L has made steady progress and achieved gratifying results. If you also need qualified powder mixers, welcome to contact us immediately!