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Photovoltaic material boosts the development of new energy

Photovoltaic materials, also known as solar cell materials. It can directly transform solar energy into electric energy, which are suitable for monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, etc. China is currently the world's largest producer of photovoltaic modules. The demand for upstream raw materials has continued to rise since 2018. As one of the major processing equipment for photovoltaic upstream materials, mixer demand has gradually increased in recent years. Especially after the outbreak of epidemic, Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic raw material are expanding production capacity and put forward higher requirements for mixer equipment.


Since 2015, S&L has successively supplied mixing equipment to photovoltaic material manufacturers for mixing POE, EVA particles and spray coating of chemical liquids. During mixing process, heating and thermal insulation are required to reach uniform mixing of liquid and pellets. Currently, most of our photovoltaic customers choose Double-screw Conical mixer DSH Series, which is composed of a single cone vessel, driving unit and two internal mixing screws. Through the revolution and rotation of the drive unit, the double-screw agitator lift the material from the bottom upwards, forming a tumbling motion through the free fall of the material. In addition, outside the vessel we can design a jacket for heating or cooling purpose. Liquid spraying pipes and nozzles on top cover are optional if necessary.



  1. Maximum loading capacity
  2. Vertical design, clean discharge without residue
  3. Gentle mixing without particle reduction
  4.   Simple structure


User Case:

As the first photovoltaic materials manufacturer using S&L mixer, FIRST Material currently already purchased nearly 30 sets of Double-screw Conical mixers from us. S&L also improved and optimized our mixing equipment according to customer using experience. For the mixing of photovoltaic raw materials, special attention should be paid as follows:



1.    The gap between screw agitator and mixer body must be enough for granular materials. Otherwise, there will be particle reduction due to material friction and vibration.

2.     In terms of jacket design, it is better to add a diversion design inside the jacket to make the materials heated evenly in the vessel and avoid the problem of upper cooling and lower heating.

3.     Liquid addition is the most important step of the process. Because the liquid is highly corrosive, it is required to use corrosion-resistant materials for liquid injection pipe and sealing. In addition, due to the requirement of large liquid spraying volume, it is necessary to select a nozzle with large spraying volume.

4.     Due to the large resistance of materials, especially after adding liquid, we have considered a strengthened transmission. Separate the revolution motor from the rotation motor, and agitator driven by dual motors to reduce the load pressure of the motor.