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basic information
The cosmetics industry belongs to chemical industry but it has its own separate and unique character because it will be decorated on customer’s skin. So, personal sense of well-being always play the decisive role and product quality is always first priority. For this reason, cosmetic production is compliant with highest standards regarding safety, purity and reproducibility. Our mixers are developed, tested and implemented in accordance with strict regulations for laboratories and production lines. The major feature of cosmetic production is versatile applications. Our mixers and blenders can be applied for many development and production operations in the cosmetics and personal care industries. S&L experts understand the mixing challenges you meet in the cosmetics industry, such as shorten production times, process hygiene, powder/liquid mixing, producing stable emulsions, dissolving powders, disintegrating solids, blending liquids of different viscosity and dispersing and hydrating gums, diluting high active surfactant, thickeners and stabilizers. Batch stable is essential in creating the same high-quality cosmetic products in a long period. Our upgraded equipment, combined with our process engineering experience will help you on it. And our test lab is available for you to mixing test and getting sample to test ingredients of cosmetic and personal care production.
Shuanglong Provide:
- GMP standard without dead space, smooth surface, radius corner
- FDA certificate for non-metal part
- BPE quick clamp nozzles
- Efficient CIP (cleaning-in-place) system design
- Patent design for main shaft seal
- Heating and cooling process with pressure certificates (GB code)
- Accessories: dosing system, weighing system, electric panel box, vacuum feeding station, etc.
Typical Applications
Titanium Dioxide / Talc Powder / Mica Flour / Kaolin Clay / Surface Active Agent / Disperse Agent / Coloring Powder / Mask Powder
Life science