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New Material

basic information
As the foundation and guide of new and high technology, new materials are widely used, and together with information technology and biotechnology, it has become the most important and potential field of development in twenty-first Century. Compared with traditional materials, new materials has so much advantages makes product upgrade can be realized nowadays. It mainly includes electronic information materials, new energy materials, nanomaterials, advanced composite materials, advanced ceramic materials, ecological environmental materials, new functional materials (including high temperature superconducting materials, magnetic materials, diamond films, functional polymer materials, etc.), biomedical materials, high-performance structural materials, intelligent materials, new buildings And new chemical materials and so on.
Our mixing and blending equipment is designed to handle all the most common materials used in the manufacturing of new material.
Shuanglong provide:
- Heavy duty design for heavy and viscous material
- Special construction material like dual-phase steel
- Patent design for main shaft seal
- Heating and cooling process with pressure certificates (GB code)
- Ex-proof for hazardous area equipment
- Accessories: dosing system, weighing system, electric panel box, vacuum feeding station, etc.