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Paddle Mixer

basic information
Twin Shafts Paddle Mixer consists of W shape vessel, drive unit and double paddle shafts. The double shafts run in counter-rotation to make paddles turn over the materials in axial and radial direction of mixing action in fluidized zone. All the materials will be lifted in non-gravity status and also fall down to form a cross mixing. We can get perfect homogeneous mixing in very short time and almost all the materials can be emptied through full bottom discharge valve. Liquid Additions can also be sprayed at top of cover and mix with powder in short time. For some heat sensitive and fragile material, twin shafts paddle mixer can fulfill perfect mixing result. 
- Excellent mixing homogeneity in rapid time
- Abrasion resistant and heavy duty design for some abrasive material
- Big size discharge valve to minimize residues
- Top high speed lump breaker device for de-agglomeration requirement 
- Batch or Continuous type is available
- Dry Powder
- Dry Powder with liquid additives