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Plough Share Mixer

basic information
Plough Mixer consists of horizontal & cylindrical drum vessel, plough shaped shovel agitator, drive unit and chopper. The mixing elements create a mechanical fluidized bed mixing actions to hurl materials away from the wall of vessel into free space in crisscross direction and inversely back again. A fluid bed generated mechanically in this way, whereby the raw material is constantly involved in the mixing process, ensures maximum mixing intensity at even the highest feed rates and shortest residence times and allows addition of liquids. The Ploughshare Mixer guarantees extremely high performance and fully optimized processes to adapt specific mix. Plow Mixer has very fast mixing speed to get ideal mixing homogeneity in very short time and can also be used to solve multiple applications including mixing, drying, coating, reacting in one single machine. In order to meet big capacity requirement, we can also design batch and continuous mixing process for client. 
- Perfect mixing result within short mixing time
- High speed chopper for de-agglomeration requirement
- Multiple mixing elements design
- High Shearing Mixing in Movement Zone
- Heating/cooling jacket and vacuum design is optional
- Heavy duty work for complex materials
- Flexible Design for different applications and industries
- Batch or continuous process
- Center or Big bomb-bay discharge valve is optional
- Dry Powder
- Dry Powder with liquid additives
- Slurry
- Paste and Wet